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The Lamar Housing Authority Mission:

To provide decent, safe, and affordable housing to low income, elderly, handicapped, and/or disabled persons in Lamar and the surrounding counties. To advocate for the needs required by those persons stated above in order to maintain their quest for a suitable living environment, free from discrimination, as long as it is their choice and is medically and economically feasible.

To improve the overall housing quality standards of existing housing in Lamar and surrounding counties.

To advocate for and assist in providing decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable existing housing for low income families in Lamar and the surrounding counties, advocating that these families need a support system to encourage self-sufficiency and continuing education in order to reach an income earning capacity that no longer requires subsidized housing for them, and to learn that subsidized housing for families is not a way of life but temporary assistance when needed.

lha staff:
contact information
Sondra Angel, Executive Director
Marlena Jara, Program Manager - Section 8
Esther Lingle - Strainhurst/Emerald Homes Program Mgr.  
Prudy Osborn, Maintenance Supervisor
Luis Madrid, Maintenance I  
Isiah Martinez - Maintenance I  
Angelo Ybarra - Maintenance I  
lha board of commissioners:
Shannon Venturi, Board Chairman
Cody Laughlin, Vice Chairman
Clifford Boxley, Secretary
Colleen Messersmith, Board Member
June Unruh, Board Member

Lamar Housing Authority - 804 South Main Street - Lamar, Colorado - 81052 - phone 719.336.9511

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