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City of Lamar
News and Information about Lamar City government - administration, police, fire, water, light and power, and city council.

Lamar Police Department  Find information about the department, it's employees, programs, and services.

Prowers County Government
Complete access information about county government agencies and resources.

Prowers County Sheriff
The Prowers County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to working with the citizens of Prowers County to insure that our rural lifestyle remains neighborly.

Along the Old Santa Fe Trail artifacts like these wagon wheels and wagon wheel ruts can still be seen.

For more information about the historic trail visit the national park service's interpretive site.

Lamar Chamber of Commerce
includes information and contacts for arear activities, attractions, and businesses.

Lamar Community College
offers exceptional educational opportunities that help students develop maximum potential, achieve a global perspective, and prepare to succeed in our ever-changing world.

Lamar Ledger  
Read headline stories, breaking news, business, editorials, sports and weather.

Lamar Public Library  
Enrich your life with a host of free resources available at the Lamar Public Library

Lamar Public Schools
The Lamar School District intends to provide, within a safe environment, meaningful opportunities, experience, and guidance combined with high expectations that will enable each life-long learner to be a moral, ethical, responsible, and productive member of society.


Lamar Housing Authority - 804 South Main Street - Lamar, Colorado - 81052 - phone 719.336.9511

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