affordable housing in southeastern colorado

Technology Opportunities Project Grant:
Lamar Housing Authority

award number: 08-60-01012
start-end date: October 1, 2001 - September 30, 2003
total project cost: $413,048
federal share: $201,611
contact: Ms. Lisa Scranton
address: 804 South Main Street
Lamar, CO 81052
phone: (719) 336-9511

Project Description:
The Lamar Housing Authority will install computer labs for elderly persons in three public housing complexes in Lamar, Colorado. The network will allow the elderly to access information related to their healthcare needs. In addition, elderly public housing residents will be able to communicate directly with local doctors, healthcare professionals, nurses, community service organizations, and faculty at Lamar Community College. The elderly will be given the opportunity to participate in special distance-learning programs designed to help them stay active and alert as they age. Additionally, six elderly residents will serve as mentors and will receive extensive training on the use of computers and the system.

Project Significance:
Surveys of the elderly reveal that their biggest fear is losing their independence. This project will seek to delay or eliminate inappropriate placement of the elderly in nursing homes by introducing them to advanced technology and showing them how it can be used to address their health care needs and allow them to take courses and keep them mentally active and alert. Nationwide, nursing home beds are filled to capacity, and long-term care of nursing home patients is expensive, costing an average of $42,000 annually for Medicaid eligible residents. The concept of using technology to help elderly live independently longer and linking them to medical services and educational opportunities is innovative and replicable in communities across the nation.

The Lamar Housing Authority will partner with Lamar Community College, Colorado Mobile Inet, High Plains Health Center, and PMC Home Health Care.

additional project resources:
Project Narrative--PDF Version

If you have any questions, please contact: Lamar Housing Authority

Lamar Housing Authority - 804 South Main Street - Lamar, Colorado - 81052 - phone 719.336.9511

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